• "What to Ware? A Guide To Today's Technological Wardrobe"
    An updated version of "Semiconducting". New Music Box, March 9, 2016.
  • "It's Not That Simple"
    A statement on Voice Crack for Ear Lights, Eye Sounds -- Expanded Cracked Everyday Electronics. Andy Guhl, Edizioni Periferia, Lucerne/Poshiavo, 2014.
  • "Mein Held: Aus dem Takt Gekommen"
    A statement on Christian Wolff for Geo, May 2014.
  • "Quicksand"
    My existential screed on the nature of paradigm shifts in recent music, based on correspondence with a dozen fellow composers and sound artists. Unpublished, 2013, updated 2015.
  • "Gordon Monahan/Seeing Sound/Sound Art, Performance and Music 1978-2011"
    Commentary on a new book on the work of Gordon Monahan.
    Bomb Magazine #121, Fall 2012.
  • "Grazing The Buffet -- The Musical Menu After Cage"
    Paper presented at John Cage und die Folgen (Cage & Consequences) Symposium.
    Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin, March, 2012.
    Published in Cage & Consequences. Julia H. Schroeder and Volker Straebel, editors. Wolke Verlag. Hofheim (Germany). 2012
  • "Resonance Comes Between Notes And Noise"
    Paper presented at Alvin Lucier -- A Celebration.
    Center For The Arts, Wesleyan University, Middletown, CT, November 4, 2011.
    Published in the on-line supplement to Leonardo Music Journal Vol. 22: Acoustics (2012).
    Here is a video of an off-the-cuff version of similar material presented as an introduction to a Lucier concert produced by Dag in De Branding in the Hague, May 29, 2010.
  • "The History of Pea Soup"
    Web publication, 2011.
  • "Semiconducting -- Making Music After The Transistor"
    Notes for a presentation at the Technology and Aesthetics Symposium.
    NOTAM, Oslo, May 2011.
    Later published in Musical Listening in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction. Gianmario Borio, editor. Ashgate (London) 2015.
  • "Privacy Issues"
    Liner notes for Privacy Issues, CD by David First
    New York: XI Records, October 2010.
  • "By Hand"
    Audio recording of keynote address delivered at the NIME 2010 Conference, University of Technology Sydney, Sydney, Australia, June 2010. Recorded and produced by Cathy Peters at the radio division of the Australia Broadcast Corporation (broadcast September 2011.)
  • "Build Your Own Reverb"
    How to build your own spring and plate reverbs. I wrote this for for the March/April 2010 issue of Tape Op (#76). Contact mikes, slinkies and cymbals -- oh my!
  • "Epiphanies: Alvin Lucier's Vespers"
    The Wire, February 2010.
  • "Hacking the CD Player"
    Web publication, 2009.
  • "Before Apple There Was Kim -- the Microcomputer, Music and Me"
    Web publication, 2009.
  • "A Brief History of the 'Backwards Electric Guitar'"
    Web publication, 2009.
  • "The Evolution of 'Trombone-Propelled Electronics'"
    Web publication, 2009.
  • "Some Notes on the History of Devil's Music""
    From the booklet accompanying the CD re-release of Devil's Music, EM Records, 2009.
  • "A Solder's Tale -- Putting the 'Lead' Back in Lead Users"
    IEEE Pervasive Computing -- Special Issue on The Hacking Tradition: Lead Users in Pervasive Computing, July-Sept. 2008.
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  • "Remixing the Remix -- Oder Wie Man Am Richtigen Ort Zur Falschen Zeit Sein Kann -- Zweimal"
    Material re Material (remix and copyright) -- Texte und Statements des Symposions zur Sonic Arts Lounge, MaerzMusik 2003
    Berliner Festspiele 2004.
  • "Sound For Picture: Teaching Music in Art School"
    Keynote address, Leeds Music Technology Conference, October 2003.
  • "My First Sony"
    Positionen 56 (August 2003).
    English version
  • "Of Mice And Men"
    New Music Box (on-line journal of The American Music Center), October 2002.
  • "All This And Brains Too -- Thirty Years of Howling Round"
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  • "Cage En Mi Vida, La Jaula En Mi Vida" ("The Cage in My Life")
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    English version
  • "The Sound or Music"
    Bilder-Verbot und Verlangen in Kunst und Musik
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    English version
  • "Beim nächsten Ton ist es..." ("At The Tone The Time Will Be...")
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    English version
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  • "Schlicht unlogisch - Geheimnisse der Verstärkung" (a tribute to David Tudor)
    MusikTexte 69/70 (Spring 1997).
    English version
  • "Zwischen 'data' und 'date': Erfahrungen mit Proto-Web Musik von The Hub" ("The Fly in the Ointment: Proto-Web Music by the Hub")
    Positionen 31 (May 1997).
    English version
  • "0000000000000000 to 1111111111111111"
    Liner notes for Músiques Submergides, CD accompanying Músiques Submergides festival in Barcelona, 1993. CD and festival produced by Generalitat de Catalunya Departament de Cultura. In English and Catalan.
  • "Searching For The Perfect Beep -- What Has The Computer Done For Working Musicians?"
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  • "Envelope Follower Circuit"
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