• A Japanese translation of Handmade Electronic Music is being launched with a party at SuperDeluxe in Tokyo on February 1, 2013. Information here.
  • ¡El gringo habla! Escucha mi execrable español en Radio Horizonte, Santiago, Chile, enero 2013.
  • Here is an interview I did after helping produce a version of Alvin Lucier's "Music for Solo Performer" for the Tsonami 2012 festival in Valparaíso. I start out talking about Lucier and the roots of live electronic music, and end up talking about me (typical).
  • ¡Vamos a la playa! Lucky Nic escapes cold Chicago for January in Chile, a three-week residency with the wonderful TárabusT ensemble. From Valparaíso to Punta Arenas. La información aquí.
  • Here is a nice posting about a hacking workshop I did in Florence last May. Some good photos and a video snip.
  • Here is a video produced by Spiegel Online about the hacking workshop I did for MaerzMusik 2012 in Berlin in March 2012.
  • Talk, talk talk. Here is a paper I presented at the Lucier retirement symposium at Wesleyan in November, 2011. (Here is a video of an off-the-cuff version of similar material presented as an introduction to a Lucier concert produced by Dag in De Branding in the Hague, May 29, 2010). And here is a paper on the impact of John Cage on younger composers, improvisers and sound artists, presented at the John Cage und die Folgen (Cage & Consequences) Symposium in Berlin in March 2012.
  • Here is my keynote talk from the NIME conference in Sydney in June 2010, as recorded and produced by Cathy Peters at the Australian Broadcast Corporation. You can't see my cute visuals, but I offer well over 1000 words in their stead.
  • ¿Entiendes español? Aquí está un buen podcast por JM Costa de hacking and bending (la piratería y la flexión!)