Here are the video tutorials from the DVD included in the second edition of Handmade Electronic Music, keyed to the chapters. The next best thing to a hacking workshop with Nic (and easier to pause).

If you have trouble viewing these with Firefox try Safari.

Tutorial 1: Circuit Sniffing (Chapter 3)

Tutorial 2: In/Out - Electromagnetism Explained (Chapter 4)

Tutorial 3: Jumping Speakers (Chapter 5)

Tutorial 4: How to Solder (Chapter 6)

Tutorial 5: How to Make a Contact Mike (Chapter 7)

Tutorial 6: Drivers (Chapter 8)

Tutorial 7: Tape Heads (Chapter 9)

Tutorial 8: Electret Microphones (Chapter 10)

Tutorial 9: Laying of Hands (Chapter 11)

Tutorial 10: Hack the Clock (Chapters 12-15)

Tutorial 11: Your First Oscillator (Chapter 18)

Tutorial 12: From Breadboard to Circuit Board (Chapter 19)

Tutorial 13: On/Off (Chapter 21)

(Video production by James Murray.)