Most of my music requires specialized devices and/or my physical presence. For many pieces I've never bothered to make finished scores. But here are ones for which I do have some form of notation. Some I've included because they can be performed with relatively normal instruments or readily available technology. Others are here for readers who are simply curious for more information. Also check out "Software" for downloadable computer programs.

  • Salvage (Guiyu Blues) (2008)
    For seven performers reanimating dead circuitry.
  • English Music (2002)
    For four or more wind or brass instruments and prepared CD.
    Download backing track.
  • Sonnet 40 (1998)
    For solo trumpet.
  • Still (After) Lives (1997)
    For chamber ensemble and voice.
  • Broken Light (1991)
    For string quartet and hacked "skipping" CD player.
  • Libretto for It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (1990)
    For chamber ensemble, electronics and voice.
  • Prose scores, 1974-79
    A collection of student work for feedback, various instrumental and electronic settings.