At a workshop in Brno a few years ago a student brought in a "Neywa" Russian radio to hack. It sounded great to my ears, but he was ambivalent enough about it to trade it to me for a copy of my book. I dug it out a few months ago. Outside of the noisy workshop space the radio proved ridiculously loud and shrill, so I disconnected its tiny speaker and hooked up one I'd salvaged from our old teardrop iMac before it went to recycling. This gave a nice bass boost, and the speaker can be muted and filtered with the hand or resonated with one's mouth -- a sort of a marching band crackle box (CrackleCornet?). The red wire with the faston terminal is a replacement antenna. The road case is a Nicaraguan cigar box.

(Scroll down for all six photos.)

Two photographs below by Chiara Arangino of one of my first performances with the Neywa, at the Auditorium Santa Margherita of the Universitá Ca'Foscari, Venice, February, 2011. ("That's just like biting heads off chickens," as Iggy Pop once sang.)